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Newcon Optik is a Canadian company and was establised in 1992 and has been known for its impressive R&D capabilities, high standards, and advanced optical systems. Newcon Optik believes its success is based on four factors: its people, quality, service, and price.

People: Newcon has a dedicated team of highly trained specialists that focus on setting the standard of innovation. 
Quality: Cutting-edge technology combined with advanced machinery for total precision, and all Newcon products endure a triple quality assurance inspection.
Service: In its Canadian facility, Newcon has factory-trained technicians and engineers, spare parts for repairs, and over a million dollars in inventory for quick shipment.
Price: Finally, by controlling the manufacturing process from beginning to end and keeping margins low, Newcon offers comparable prices to all its customers.

Newcon Optik was established for the purpose of producing and supplying the market with state-of-the-art optical systems. It is a Canadian-based company with it's own Research & Development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution. 

With their manufacturing and R&D capabilities, the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction are assured. Competitive pricing and other key success factors have led to Newcon Optik’s acceptance, success and respect in the international marketplace.

Newcon Optik 's trademark is recognized throughout the world and the company is acknowledged as a leading brand in all the key sectors and markets on a global level, including in numerous military, law enforcement, search and rescue, surveillance, hunting, camping, and marine professional sectors in all corners of the world. Their dealer networks span 5 continents. Up to 90% of Newcon Optik's products support professionals in 60 countries.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items